Seeds Conference 2017

What is
Seeds Conf?

SeedsConf is a gathering of church leaders committed to making church better. Whether you’re a senior pastor, a creative, a technical director, or a kids ministry volunteer, SeedsConf will challenge the way you think about ministry.


Senior Leaders: Managing Priorities, Schedule, and Structure

Your time as a senior leader is incredibly valuable. How confident are you in the way you're currently spending it? This workshop will challenge you on who you meet with, how you meet with them, and what topics most deserve your attention.

Learning to Lead From A Different Seat

It's counterintuitive, but the more that you oversee, the simpler your leadership needs to be. The more you DO, the less you SEE and leading from a head-down approach will cripple your influence. This workshop will challenge you to empower others to lead and do less to make more of an impact.

The COTM Transition: A Conversation with Willie & Whitney George

A large majority of churches have transition in their future over the next 5-10 years but not many have a clear transition plan. It's a complex process and the best time to start talking about it is NOW. In this conversation, we will share what we've learned about senior leadership transition and offer some principles to help ensure a smooth handoff.

Do's and Dont's for Weekend Service Hosts

Every onstage communicator has a part to play in moving our services forward. Unfortunately, these speaking moments often slow the service down instead. From Campus Pastors to Worship Leaders, we work diligently to get the most out of every segment. In this session, we'll share our guiding principles that help us make every stage moment matter.

Making A Good First Impression

For many of us, it's been a long time since our first church experience. But every week, people walk through our doors for the first time. What they hear, see, and feel will determine whether or not it's also their last time. More than just being friendly or showing off, making a good first impression is about helping people connect in a meaningful way. We'll share what we're learning about making every service a great first experience.

Developing A Winning Staff Culture

Every organization has an existing culture and if you haven't taken the time to define it, your internal culture very well may not reflect what you wish it was. In this workshop, we'll share how our staff behaviors, All Staff gatherings, and staff reviews are helping us to build the culture that we dream of.

Improving the Quality of Your Hires

Who you select to join your staff family is not a decision to be taken lightly or made quickly. We've learned a lot about the power of a hiring process and this comprehensive workshop will save you a lot of heartache! We'll talk about the importance of an objective hiring team, clear job descriptions, strategic interview questions, and the tools we use to find the right fit for our family.

Tools for Navigating Staff Relationships

Crucial conversations with your staff are inevitable. Are you prepared for them? We're going to share mistakes we've made, lessons we're learning, and the power of personality assessments for having a healthy, candid conversation.

Serving Your Leader Well From the Second Chair

Every leader has plenty on their plate and getting "in the weeds" with details can easily be a distraction that keeps them from doing what only they can do. In this workshop, we're going to share principles for leading up, taking the burden off of your leader, and carrying the torch for focus in their schedule.

Masterclass: Vocal Technique & Tips

Our voices are instruments and with proper technique, we can get more out of those instruments than ever! In this vocal masterclass we’ll learn how to solidify pitch, generate power, and gain ultimate control of our voices. This will be an uptempo, fun, and interactive session for singers of all levels. 

Creating Worship Moments, Not Set Lists

We believe a worship service should be more than just finding a few songs that sound good together. Instead, our goal every weekend is to tell a cohesive story both lyrically and musically. In this session we’ll share our principles of building momentum through song selection, musical arrangements, and transitions to give our church a meaningful and memorable worship experience.

3 Ways to Set Your Band Up for A Great Weekend Experience

To create our worship experiences each week takes a team of musicians moving in the same direction with the same goal – leading people into a face-to-face encounter with God. The question is: How do we get everyone on the same page every week? This workshop will explore how we keep our musicians healthy, informed, and all pulling in the same direction. 

Pastors & Artists: Working Together to Create Sermons, Series, and Services

The relationship between a senior pastor and an artist is a unique one, but a powerful one when it's healthy. Learning to communicate effectively is key to being on the same page and fully taking advantage of the gifts on both sides. We've been learning a lot about this partnership and will share our process for supporting each other in creating engaging weekend services top to bottom.

Storytelling, Part 1: Finding the Great Stories That Are Already in Your Church

Psalm 107:2 says "Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story!" When someone stands up and testifies about the goodness of God in their life, it gives your congregation the courage to trust God in the same way. Many times, great stories of life change are all around you – you just need to know where to look and what to look for. In this workshop, we will share our process for finding and developing stories that will be told live in a service or captured on video.

Storytelling, Part 2: Story Structure and the Power of the Edit

When it comes time to edit a story of life change, there's so much more to it than just cutting clips together. The more you understand how stories work, the better you'll be at crafting them in the edit room. We're going to share the structure that guides every story we share at Church on the Move and the profound impact it has on bringing that story to final cut.

Storytelling Part 3: How to Tell A Great Visual Story

Do the visuals of your story videos enhance or distract from the story that you're telling? When we share a story, our goal is to push past sharing something that you just hear to something that you experience. Our team is going to share practical tips about camera work, B-roll, lighting, and more to help take your stories to the next level.

Masterclass: Pro Tips on Improving Your Mix Without Turning Your Amps to 11

Rock is good, but when it's too loud, the people revolt. Crafting a full mix without blasting your audience's ears is a science and doesn't happen by accident. Our mixes are built on a few practical principles and you're going to hear those illustrated by dissecting the mix of one of our worship experiences.

Our Production Team Core Values

Production teams are a crucial part of putting together weekend services, but being the last link in the chain can produce tension. How do you keep your attitude and servant's heart in check when the pressure is on? In this workshop, we'll share the 10 core values that shape the way our Production team approaches the great work they get to be a part of.

Navigating Change

Mark Twain once said that the only person who likes change is a wet baby. But leadership means navigating change for the good of others, and change means challenges. In this session, we’ll consider some of the dynamics involved in leading through changes that are essential to church health and growth. 

Kids on the Move: Experience This Weekend's Service

Curious to see what a Kids on the Move service is like these days? Here's your chance! You'll get to sit in the upcoming weekend's service in action from start to finish, including seeing how we have incorporated small groups into our kids environments.

Kids & Student Ministry Philosophy: What We're Learning

We've been on a journey to answer the question, "What's best for our kids at every stage of life?" Life is much different for kids and students today than it was 5-10 years ago and we want our approach to ministry to stay effective and relevant. Our team went all the way back to the "Why?" of what we do and we're going to share the principles we've learned along the way.

Why We Went Back to A Weekly Model in Our Student Ministry

It's easy to see another church's ministry model that's working and be tempted to implement it straight away at your church. In the process of evaluating the best model for our student ministry moving forward, we learned that change without conviction can be more harmful than helpful in the long run. In this workshop, we're going to share a few major principles to keep in mind when considering a shift in your ministry philosophy.

Our Process for Empowering Volunteer Leaders

It's not enough to hand a volunteer a job description and walk away. How equipped and empowered do your volunteers feel about the ministry that they're doing? We're not experts, but we're learning how to effectively recruit, develop, and coach volunteer leaders to help them realize their full potential without burning out.

Maximizing the Impact of Your Church's Social Media

Your average churchgoer spends one hour a week in church and 7 hours a week on social media. They look to social media for news, entertainment, politics, commerce, friendship, and even personal affirmation. Beyond likes, follows, and inviting people to attend our weekend services, how can we engage people with the gospel online? We'll share what we've learned about how social media can be a life-giving resource.

An Introduction to Building A Comprehensive Communications Strategy

What does your communications strategy look like? Do you have one? When every single announcement is urgent and important, all your people hear is white noise. In this workshop, we'll share how defining your communications outlets and guidelines can help keep all of your communication effective, helpful, and on-brand.

Beyond the Logo: Designing A Brand for Your Ministries

How many times have you dropped a logo on something and called it "branding"? A true brand is a much more layered solution that communicates across many different mediums. This workshop will highlight some of our recent brand development projects to illustrate the principles that guide us in our journey to branding a ministry.

Setting Up Your Pastor to Win on Stage

Audio mix: Dialed. Band: Rehearsed. Lights: Programmed. It’s easy to make sure the typical production details are covered for your weekend service... but how intentional are you about the details that affect your pastor? Is a simple mic check all you do? Whether you’ve ever realized it or not, the production crew plays a huge part in the preaching of the message. Our Production Director is going to share pro tips and principles he’s honed over time that can make your pastor feel more comfortable onstage than ever before.

How to Write, Shoot, and Deliver Great Announcement Videos

Announcements don't have to be boring! For years, we've relied heavily on video to convey what needs to be communicated to our church and we've learned quite a few lessons along the way. In this workshop, we'll share our process for producing engaging announcement videos.

Make Your Team a Machine for Decision Making

Success comes down to just one thing – making and implementing good decisions. Make and implement more good decisions than bad, you win. Make and implement more bad decisions than good, you lose! Sounds simple. And for a growing team it is... relatively. However when you’re operating in a complex environment, the sheer number of decisions made on any given day is mammoth. This session will teach you everything you need to build a machine for decision making that you can depend on to produce results at every level. 



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