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July 18-20, 2017
$199 flat rate
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Seeds Conference Workshop Titles
Subject to change.

Pastors & Artists: Developing a Healthy Relationship
Senior Leaders: Managing Meetings, Structure, and Priorities
Principles of Momentum
Learning to Lead From a Different Seat
Navigating Change
The COTM Transition: A Conversation With Willie & Whitney George
(2) Senior Pastor Workshops With Pastor Willie George
Developing a Winning Staff Culture
Improving the Quality of Your Hires
Tools for Navigating Staff Relationships
Masterclass: Vocal Technique & Tips
Beyond the Logo: Designing a Brand for Your Ministries
Our Process for Empowering Volunteer Leaders
Our Process for Crafting a Weekend Service
Do's and Dont's for Weekend Service Hosts
Serving Your Leader Well From the Second Chair
Storytelling: The Power of the Edit
How to Tell a Great Visual Story
The Purpose & Process Behind Our Pre-Service Announcements
Masterclass: Pro Tips on Improving Your Mix Without Turning Your Amps to 11
Our Production Team Core Values
Kids on the Move: Experience This Weekend's Service
Kids Ministry Philosophy: What We're Learning
Why We Went Back to a Weekly Model in Our Student Ministry
Maximizing the Impact of Your Church's Social Media
An Introduction to Building a Comprehensive Communications Strategy
Creating Worship Moments, Not Set Lists
Our Blueprint for an Effective Weekend Rehearsal
How to Build a Song From the Ground Up
Making a Good First Impression
The Art of Telling Live Stories in Your Service